Biography of the artist :

I was born in Grenada, West Indies in and moved to Britain at the age of 6 to London. At the age of 10 I bought a toy camera that took blurred pictures, some of which my mother still has in the family album.

I became seriously interested in photography at the age of 21. My first pictures were of London tourist spots and the next year I started practicing my present style. I am self-taught and have never been an assistant.

I have worked mainly in the editorial field for the last 20 years. I have photographed for numerous national magazines and have had many profiles of my work in countries such as France, Spain, Italy, USA, Australia, Germany and, of course, Great Britain. I was joint winner the Vogue/Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award in 1987 for his series of shoe pictures entitled ‘The Fetish’ and in 1997 and ‘98 was nominated as Erotic Photographer of the Year in Britain and won in 2002.A book of my work, Bernadinism: How to Dominate Men and Subjugate Women, published by Edition in 2001.

Exposed by NUE galerie in Paris France september 2014 & At Paris art fair FOTOVER in Nov 2014.