About us

It all started in 2013 in Paris when Jean Marc Sanchez, TV director, funded NUE Galerie, a photo gallery focused on body representations, which exposed big names of photography such as Ren Hang, Gilles Berquet, Formento+Formento.

While exhibiting photography in his gallery and art fairs, Jean Marc realised that art remained an elitist matter. People still felt uncomfortable walking into an art gallery and, for the large majority, buying art was way too expensive. That is how BY NUE GALERIE concept is born - a new way of making art more accessible to the general public. By printing fine art photography on t-shirts it becomes possible to literally expose it on a person, and in every place that person goes. Thus, the artwork becomes visible to many people, including those who don't go to art galleries. 

When recently the digital printing technology made it  possible to print hight resolution, hight quality pictures on textil, BY NUE GALERY project became reality. The prints on t-shirts and sweatshirts reflect fine art photos with all its nuances, under control of the gallery and the artists. 

Intentionally printed in a big size, and now small size, you can admire fine art photos worn by someone else, or even start  what we could call collecting art yourself with less than 50 €, buying an artwear from BY NUE GALERIE limited edition collection. Our ambition is to see the art getting into the street and become familiar to a larger public. We believe that art can empower people and encourage positive change in order to create a smarter, sustainable society.